“You’re about to get tossed into the deep end of gypsy storytelling, a longer format than your usual Facebook post, requiring a longer attention span… So before you begin, shrug off the day, relax your shoulders, stick your feet up and get comfortable in your skin.  You might even let yourself daydream a little… Ah, the joys and challenges of unplanned travel, of wandering through another dream in this great big world… without a map. The panoramas, the aromas, the people, their customs, their pack animals… Wow! All the cool stories that you, too, would have later on if you could just get yourself off, far off the old beaten path. If you could just take a leap of faith beyond the routines, the self-denial and the rational choices… to allow room for some crazy adventures to creep on in… ”

From Traveler to Ambassador (29’39”) was a tale of roughing it from Israel through the Gaza strip, with help from serendipity. 

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Got My Heart in My Mouth (46’07”) is the full story of how I went from dealing with Bedouins to getting arrested in the Sinai.  It includes an ambient interlude and some relevant world rock songs.

Harebrained in Egypt (36’52”) was my near brush with frostbite in a Saharan war cemetary.

The Rescue of Zambika (37’12”) is a charming fictional travelogue: a multidimensional trek.  It stars Plutonius, a shapeshifting wizard from space who finds himself saving a kidnapped woman.

Mayan Astro-calendar at Imax (17’57”), well that kind of explains itself!

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